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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Results for event 2, 3 & 4

Find complete results and payout for Summer Poker Series Event 2, 3 & 4 below.

Congrats to all winners.

Event 5 has concluded

Congrats to Hovik Keshishyan winner of Summer Poker Series Event5 No Limit Hold'Em

Hovik Keshishyan 

Shyam Madiraju wins event4

Congrats to Shyam Madiraju, winner of Summer Poker Series event4 for $8,096

240 players entered the No Limit Hold'Em Deep Stack Bounty event which gave us a total prize pool of $39,936.

Shyam Madiraju

Jason H. Beck wins event2

Congrats to Jason H. Beck winner of Summer Poker Series Event2.

The event had a total of 1,105 entries and a total prize pool of $341,343 and when 7 players were left they decided to make it a day and agreed on a deal, Jason H. Beck had the biggest stack and the official winner of the event, taking down 1st prize of $68,038.
Jason H. Beck 

Gene O'Leary who never gave up on this event, after 7 day1 bullets he made a deep run and managed to work his way to a final table and finished in 4th place, picture below shows what 7 bullets and a deep run can reward you with.

Gene O'Leary, 4th place for $20,000