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Monday, June 8, 2015

Event 22C

Another day with 3 day1 flights for guaranteed 30 WSOP Main Event seats has ended.

First flight had 109 entries and 8 advanced to day2

Arytuan Demichyan ended the flight as chip leader with 412,000

Arytuan Demichyan

Flight 2 had 76 entries with 8 players to advance to day2

Ilya Shpiner ends the flight as chip leader with 698,000, current overall chip leader into day2 
Ilya Shpiner

Estrella Baltazar also advance to day2 with 390,000 
Estrella Baltazar
Candelaria Vaca 185,000 

4 players from flight 3 advanced to day2 and Armen Zadoyan ends the flight as chip leader with 278,000

Armen Zadoyan

In addition, as from tomorrow the race for WSOP seats freeroll starts, top 16 on the leaderboard will play Heads Up for 4 ($1,500) WSOP seats.

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