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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

WPT Deepstacks event4 $150,000 Guaranteed

WPT Deepstacks event4 with a Guaranteed prize pool of $150,000 have a final prize pool of $272,327.

We are currently down to 150 players 1st place will pay $51,000

full payout below.

WPT Deepstacks Event5

Congrats to Sam Khalaf, winner of WPT Deepstacks Event5 No-Limit Hold'Em $5,000 Guaranteed.

Sam Khalaf

WPT Deepstacks $150,000 Guaranteed return list

Day2 of the WPT Deepstacks $150,000 Guaranteed kicks off in about 4 hours, below is complete return list with chip stacks and seat assignments, good luck to all remaining players

WPT Deepstacks $150,000 Guaranteed day1D

Todays two events had a total of 363 entries and 73 advanced to day2

Eugenii Nam ends the first flight as chip leader with 229,800
Eugenii Nam 

Mike Shariati winner of Mega Million XII and recently won a $10,000 WSOP Main Event seat at the Bike were also among the qualifiers with 149,600 
Mike Shariati

Ben Chung ends the second flight as chip leader with 264,800 
Ben Chung

The event has so far had a total of 1,620 entries, 215 has advanced to day2 current prize pool is +$210,000, you can direct buy in to day2 for $1,100 all day2 players in the money for minimum $200.