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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

James Gorham takes down WPT Deepstacks Main Event

Congrats to James Gorham winner of WPT Deepstacks Main Event $300,000 Guaranteed for $95,290.

Chris Berger is the runner up with $56,960 for 2nd place.

The event had a total of 367 entries with a total prize pool of $355,990

James Gorham

Full payout structure will be posted tomorrow.

WPT Deepstacks Main Event final table

After 3 quick eliminations we're now down to final 6 players in WPT Deepstacks Main Event final table.

Follow the action live streamed at liveatthebike.com

Keith Kozar is eliminated in 9th place for $6,050

Paul Chauderson is eliminated in 8th place for $8,365

Jay Helfert is eliminated in 7th place for $11,570

WPT Deepstacks Event22

Congrats to Justin Moskowitz winner of WPT Deepstacks Event22 No Limit Hold'Em $50,000 Guaranteed.

Justin Moskowitz

WPT Deepstacks Main Event $300,000 Guaranteed

We are down to a final table in WPT Deepstacks Main Event $300,000 Guaranteed.

The final 9 are

James Gorham - 1,625,000
William Zaiss - 1,565,000
Prashray Rai - 1,355,000
Keith Kwazar - 1,160,000
Chad Geske - 1,100,000
Dana Muse - 735,000
Jay Helfert - 730,000
Paul Chauderson - 620,000
Craig Berger - 300,000

All remaining players are guaranteed a minimum pay of $6,050 with $96,090 for 1st place.

The play will resume tomorrow Tuesday @ 2pm and will be streamed with 30 minutes delay at Liveatthebike.com

WPT Deepstacks Event23

Congrats to Darryl Mann winner of WPT Deepstacks Event23 Omaha Hi/Lo 8 Or Better $15,000 Guaranteed.

Darryl Mann