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Thursday, July 30, 2015

WPT Legends of poker Event1 $200,000 Guaranteed

As the last 2 day1 flights of Event1 $200,000 Guaranteed is ongoing, we have the final numbers of day1 entries.

There was a total of 1323 entries for day1 and a total of 133 players advanced to day2.

Current prize pool is +$250,000 prize pool will increase due to day2 direct buy ins.

Day2 is played tomorrow Friday at 4pm - with optional day2 direct buy in for $2,400 all day2 players are in the money for minimum of $400

Day2 direct buy in players receive 250,000 in chips and play will start at 500/2500/5000 for more information click here

WPT Main Event freeroll seats

Current WPT Main Event freeroll seats standing

WPT Event1 $200,000 Guaranteed return list as of 07/29

With 1 day and 2 flights left of the $200,000 guaranteed Event1 78 players has advanced to day2 on Friday at 4pm.

Sam Goncuoglu is current overall chip leader with 688,500, below is current return list, chip count and seat assignment.

Sam Goncuoglu

WPT Legends of poker Event1 $200,000 Guaranteed

We have had a total of 374 entries in 2 flights of the WPT Legends of poker Event1 $200,000 Guaranteed.

19 players advance from each flight making it a total of 78 players has so far advanced to day2 on Friday.

Sam Goncuoglu ends the first flight as chip leader and as a new current chip leader with 688,500

19 players from flight 2 made it to day2 Jacob Kim Ends as chip leader with 527,000

Jacob Kim

Anthony Pitesa advance with 400,000 

William Hung advance with 445,000