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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Raul Bravo takes down Event1

Congrats to Raul Bravo, winner of WPT Legends Of Poker Even1 $200,000 Guaranteed.

The event had a total of 1,363 entries creating a total prize pool of $342,022.

Raul Bravo

New chip leader in event1

Raul Bravo has taken over the chip lead in Event1 he got about 26million with 3 players left average is 14 million.

Event 3&4

In addition to the final table of Event1, there is 2 other tournaments in the tournament area.

Event3 - No Limit Hold'Em Deepstack $75,000 Guaranteed 2 day event, had a total of 246 entries, currently on level 15 and we will play down to level 18 and resume the play tomorrow at 12pm.

Event4 - No Limit Hold'Em Bounty $30,000 Guaranteed had a total of 133 entries, currently 70 players left.

3 handed in event1

Jared Greiner has been eliminated in 4th place for $19,100

Jared called Raul's all in on the river for his tournament life with Top pair but Raul turned the nut straight and we are now down to 3 players.

Jared Greiner

Raul Bravo

Steve Ayoub is the new chip leader in event1

As Kevin were eliminated Steve Ayoub has taken over the chip lead in Event1, all remaining players have locked up a minimum of $19,100

Steve Ayoub 

4 players left in event1

Steve Ayoub raise on the button pre-flop to 650,000, Kevin goes all in in Small blind, Steve calls and the cards are tabled.

Steve have pocket 9's and Kevin have Pocket 8's, the board runs out 3c,10c,7s Qd 6c and Kevin has been eliminated in 5th place for $14,000

Good run Kevin.

Kevin Taylor

5 players left in Event1

Evan Vollerthum raise to 450,000 pre-flop, Kevin calls and Turbo goes all in, Evan calls and Kevin folds.

Evan holds AA against Turbos A10, the board doesn't help turbo and he is eliminated in 6th place for $11,000

Phong Turbo Nguyen

Down to 7 players in event1

Arkadi Onikoul,  push all in pre-flop with 77 and gets a call from Kevin Taylor with KQ, a King hits the flop and another one on the turn and Arkadi is eliminated in 10th place and Kevin chips up another 1,7 million.

Matthew Kursar were eliminated in 9th place for $5,000

Michael Losauro is all in pre-flop with Ac10c and gets called by Phong Turbo Nguyen who have AA, the board doesn't help Michael and he is eliminated in 8th place for $6,850.

Day3 return list of Event1

Day3 will restart at 6pm today, below is the remaining 10 players and chip counts.

Event2 results

WPT Event2 $50,000 Guaranteed

Congrats to Ashot Galadzhyan winner of WPT Event2 No Limit Hold'Em $50,000 Guaranteed.

Ashot takes down first prize of $14,250

Ashot Galadzhyan 

End of day2 in Event1

It has been a Kevin Taylor show at the Bike today, he has been the chip leader since the start of the day and he is a massive chip leader at the end of the day.

10 players remain at the end of day2 in WPT Event1 $200,000 Guaranteed and Kevin have 13.675.000.

All remaining players have locked up a minimum of $3,770, play will resume tomorrow at 6pm.

Kevin Taylor 

Jared Greiner still in with 1.175.00 

Phong Turbo Nguyen return with 1.900.000 

Raul is coming back to day3 with 6.900.000 

One more level in Event1

We are now playing the last level of WPT Event1 $200,000 Guaranteed.

11 players remain at Level 15 20k/60k/120k

Down to 18 players

Jordan Cristos who took down 2013 WPT Legends Of Poker Main Event were eliminated in 19th place for $2,255 and we're down to 18 players and 2 tables.

Jordan Cristos

All remaining players has locked up a minimum of $2,550.

Down to 20 players in Event1

We are now down to 20 players in Event1.

Kevin Taylor started day2 with more than 4 times the average chip stack and were the first player over a million, with 20 players left he still holds the lead with about 10.000.000

Kevin Taylor 

Among the remaining players are

Turbo still in with about average stack 

Jeff pastel