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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

WPT Event15

Event 15 PLO8 $15,000 guaranteed started with 58 entries, 50 re-buys and 78 add-ons creating a prize pool of $18,600, with $6,307 + a $550 Seat to the Horse tournament for 1st place.

Frank Inglese is currently the chip leader with 7 players left

Frank Inglese 

Raouf Malek is among the final 7 

Notable players from Event14

A couple of notable players in Event14 $500,000 estimated.

Bruce Buffer 

Harry Arutyunya 

Jeff Madsen 

Matt Salsberg 

David Dragon Pham 

Anthony Pitesa 

Alex Masek 

John Misirian 

Mike Eskandari 

Raul Bravo 

Thi Truong

Phong Turbo Nguyen 

Will Brownlee 

WPT Event14 prize pool announced

We have a total prize pool of $796,564 in WPT Event 14, with $116,089 for 1st place.

WPT Legends of poker Event14 $500,000 est day2

We are just minutes away from starting day2 of Event14 $500,000 estimated.

WPT Event14 returning players

286 players return to play day2 of WPT Event14 $500,000 estimated.

Current prize pool is $633,701 with day2 direct buy-in to add to the prize pool.

You can buy-in until 4pm today $2,500, $400 in the money click here for more info

Returning players, chip count and seat assignment.