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Saturday, August 15, 2015


We have 3 Day1 flights of Mega Millions XIII today.

1st flight had 245 entries, 25 in the money, 12 advance to day2
2nd flight had 86 entries, 9 advance to day2
3rd flight had 217 entries, 22 in the money, 11 advance today2

Among the players are,

Benjamin Chung is the new overall chipleader with 660,000

Mike Shank ends 2nd flight as chip leader with 456,000

Adin Gardenswartz ends 3rd flight as chip leader with 399,000

Kevin Mathers, takes his 2nd bullet in this MMXIII 

Rai Prashray is in 3rd flight. 

Thi Truong 

David Dragon Pham is playing for his 2nd day2 qualification, if he qualify today he'll get a $3,700 WPT Main event seat 

William Hung

Brian Gorman advance from 1st flight with 137,500 

Eliran Ohanan

MMXIII Return list Day1A

26 players advanced to day2 from MMXIII Day1A, Seth LaFountain holds the current chip lead with 553,000

MMXIII $1,000,000 Guaranteed has started.

Mega Million XIII $1,000,000 Guaranteed is ongoing and the 1st day have 3 flights.

- 1st flight had 205 entries 21 in the money and 10 advance to day2.

- 2nd flight had 74 entries, with 7 to advance to day2

- 3rd flight had 181 entries with 18 in the money and 9 advance to day2

Patrick Schroeder 1st flights chip leader with 509,000 

Seth Lafountain from 2nd flight is current overall chip leader with 553,000 

Roy Colman ends the last flight of the day with 412,000 

David Dragon Pham advance from flight3 with 140,000 

Eugene Tito advance with 281,500