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Thursday, August 20, 2015

MMXIII Day1G Flight1

1st flight of the day had 215 entries with 22 in the money and 11 advance to day2.

Super Mario Esquerra ends the flight as chip leader with 576,500 which brings him up to currently 4th place in chips overall.

Super Mario Esquerra 

WPT Legends Of Poker Main Event seats freeroll as of 08/19/15

MMXIII Return list after day1F

134 players have so far advanced to day2 from MMXIII Day1, current return list, chip count and seat assignments.

MMXIII Day1F Flight2

2nd flight of the day had 160 entries, 16 in the money and 8 advanced to day2

Alex Aras ends the flight as chip leader with 565,000

Alex Aras 

Massoud Mazhari advance to day2 with 288,000 

After Day1F the prize pool is 617,360 with 5 more days to qualify to day2
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