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Friday, August 21, 2015

Mo and Turbo talk about MegaMillion


2nd flight of the day had 139 entries and we're currently down to 23 players, 13 will advance to day2

3rd flight had 209 entries, 21 in the money and 11 advance to day2

some notable players from flight3

Paul Dragon Pham 

Paul Chanderson needs 1 chip to double qualify 

Nikhil Gera 

Jose Felix 

Clint Mooney 

MMXIII Day1H Flight1

First flight of the day had 204 entries, 20 in the money and 10 advance to day2

Pho Van Tran ends the flight as chip leader with 452,000.
Ben Chung who is currently 2nd in chips overall with 660,000 advance for the 3rd time.

Pho Van Tran 
Ben Chung 

Gerald Aronson advance with 311,000 

Kurt Taporn advance with 438,000 

WPT Legends Of Poker Main Event seats freeroll as of 08/20/15

MMXIII Return list after day1G

154 players have so far advanced to day2, Kyle Dunnigan still holds the chip lead with 728,000

MMXIII Day1G Flight2

2nd flight of the day had 175 entries, 18 in the money and 9 advance to day2.

Larry Quang ends the flight as chip leader with 586,000

Larry Quang

Chealsea Proctor advanced to day2 with 387,000