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Saturday, August 22, 2015

MMXIII Day1I Flight1

1st flight out of 3 had 277 entries, with 28 in the money and 14 advance to day2.

James Buckly ends the flight as chip leader with 639,500

James Buckly 

Siu Chow advance with 395,000 

MegaMillionXIII Prize Pool now over $1Million

Day1I brings a total of 710 entries on 3 different flights, and the current total prize pool in MegaMillion is $1,057,500 with 2 more days and 5 flights to qualify to day2 and day2 direct buy in.

WPT Legends Of Poker Main Event seats freeroll as of 08/21/15

MMXIII Return list after day1H

After day1H 187 players have advanced to day2, below is current return list, chip counts and seat assignments.

MMXIII Day1H Flight3

3rd and last flight of the day had 209 entries with 21 in the money and 10 advance to day2

Alexander Hoang ends the flight as chip leader with 591,000

Alexander Hoang 

Trevor Miller advance with 391,500 

William Hung advance with 235,500

MMXIII Day1H Flight2

2nd flight of the day has come to a conclusion.

Nipun Java ends the flight as chip leader with 564,000

Nipun Java 

Tommy San advance with 361,000 

Andrew Wall advance with 483,500