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Monday, August 24, 2015

MegaMillionXIII Prize pool

With all day1 flights played the current prize pool is $1,421,500 and 290 players have advanced to day2.

Day2 Direct Buy-In $5,300.

Average chip stack 250,000

Players who register on day 2 will start with 250k in chips Play will resume at ante 500 blinds 2500-5000.

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MMXIII Day1K Flight1

We are done with the 1st flight and 17 players advanced to day2

Lawrence Ma ends the flight as chip leader with 658,000 which place him in currently 4th place heading into day2, he also double qualified and gets a WPT Main Event seat.

Lawrence Ma 

MMXIII Mega Satellite 10 Seats Guaranteed

The $550 Mega Satellite with 10 Guaranteed seats had 205 entries ending in 19 seats and 20th place gets $1,800

Some notable players in this field

Kathy Liebert 

Nikhil Gera 

Nick Shkolnik 

Mike Eskandari 

Eugene Tito 

MMXIII Day1K Flight1

Last Mega Millions XIII Day1 is underway the Bike and there isn't an empty table in the room.

1st flight had 334 entries, 32 in the money and 17 advance to day2, the flight is currently down to 25 players and LD Gray, Anthony Pitesa and Kevin Taylor is among the players still in the field.

Anthony Pitesa 

Kevin Taylor 

LD Gray

David Foust

Players thoughts about Mega Millions XIII

MMXIII Return list after day1J

276 players have so far advanced to day2 in Mega Millions Jose mendoza still holds the chip lead with 950,000

MMXIII Day1J Flight3

3rd and last flight for the day had 249 entries with 25 in the money and 12 advance to day2.

Moshe Manzur ends the flight as chip leader with 728,500

Moshe Manzur 

Nick Shkolnik advance with 540,500 

Behzad Teranie double qualify 

Josh Miller advance with 329,500 

MMXIII Day1J Flight1

2nd flight of the day had 177 entries and 18 advanced to day2.

Matt Salsberg call an UTG Raise in big blind with 33 and hits a set on the flop he check call all in against AA his set holds up and that ends the flight and brings Matt up to chip leader of the flight with 551,000

Matt Salsberg 

Andrew Le advance with 202,000 

Mike Shariati winner of MMXII advance with 128,500 

Rick Munro advance with 307,000 

Vahid Jalali advance with 515,500