We Care Commitment

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

We are down to 106 players in Mega Millions at level 18 with 4,000/12,000/24,000 

We will play down to 54 players today and resume at 4pm tomorrow. 
We are down to 171 players, a couple of more players still in the field.

Nipun Java 

Lawrence Ma 

Chad Viall

203 players left at the beginning of level 5, average stack 446,556 with Ante 2000 Blinds 12,000/6,000

MMXIII Prize Pool

Mega Millions XIII had 5627 entries and the final prize pool is $1,732,032.

Winner will take down $263,195.


We are down to 262 players in Mega Millions XIII Day2.

Some notable players in the field.

Phil Laak 

Cord Garcia 

Kathy Liebert 

Matt Salsberg 

Alex Aras 

Chris DeMaci 

David Dragon Pham 

Larry Quang 

Phuoc Nguyen 

William Hung 

Raul Bravo 

Paul Chauderson 


Mega Millions XIII is minutes away from start.

290 players have advanced from day1, entries for day2 direct buy-in and prize pool will be posted shortly.

Good luck to all players.

MMXIII Day2 return list

Day2 of Mega Millions XIII starts at 4pm, current prize pool $1,421,500.

Jose Mendoza is chip leader heading into day2 with 950,000

MMXIII Day1K Flight2

2nd and last day1 flight of Mega Million MMXIII has come to an end.

365 entries, 18 advance from this flight.

Chad Viall ends the flight as chip leader with 730,500

Chad Viall 

Vito Sturiano advance with 144,000 

Nika Futterman advance with 118,500 

Phuoc Nguyen advance with 293,500