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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Event21 result

Event 20 result

We have a winner in Mega Millions XIII

Congrats to Boris Goldstein winner of Mega Millions XIII for 1st place of $263,195

The event had +5000 entries and Boris took it all the way to 1st place on 1 bullet for $160 +1, $100 AddOn.

Boris Goldstein

Boris Goldstein holds the chip lead head up in Mega Millions

James Buckley has been eliminated in 3rd place for $90,752

James Buckley 

We are now heads up between Joshua Field and Boris Goldstein.

Joshua Field

Boris Goldstein

Don't miss to watch the live stream at Live at the Bike

Final 3 in Mega Millions

Final 3 players in Mega Millions are

- Joshua Field - 43.200.000
- James Buckley 16.000.000
- Boris Goldstein 21.600.000

Boris Goldstein 

James Buckley 

Joshua Field

Lawrence Ma is eliminated in 4th place for $73,005

Lawrence Ma

Nipun Java is eliminated in 5th place for $57,795

Nipun is all in pre-flop with AA against Josua's 66, Joshua hits a 6 on the flop and he extend his chip lead further.

Nipun Java

Jason Leifer eliminated in 6th place for $42,585

Jason Leifer

Randall Holland has been eliminated in 7th place for $31,940

Randall Holland 

Joshua Field is the new chip leader with 28m

Joshua Field

William Foxen has been eliminated in 8th place for $25,705

William Foxen

8 players left at level 21, Ante 75k Blinds 300k/600k average 11.3m, Boris Goldstein has taken over the chip lead

Everyone left has locked up minimum of $25,705

Boris Goldstein

Phuoc Nguyen has been eliminated in 9th place for $19,790 after an all in with AJcc in small blind Nipun calls with QQ in big blind and the board runs out with 10,4,10 9 8. 

Good run and good luck in the WPT Main Event. 

Phuoc Nguyen 

Lawrence Ma is all in with 10,10 for 2.7m Nipun calls with KQo Nipun is unable to pair any of his cards and Lawrence doubles up.

First all in confrontation is between Boris Goldstein and Phuoc Nguyen.

Boris goes all in pre-flop with QQ and Phuoc calls with AKo, the board shows no A or K and Boris doubles up.

Mega Millions XIII Final Table

Final table just started in Mega Millions XIII, you can follow updates here and or live stream at live at the Bike with 30 minutes delay.

WPT Legends Of Poker Main Event seats freeroll as of 08/26/15

Mega Millions XIII Final Table return list

Mega Millions will resume at 2pm with live stream by Live at the Bike 

Below is final 9 players including chip counts and seat assignments.
Remaining players have locked up minimum of $19,790, with $263,195 for 1st place.

WPT Event20, 21

Along side the Mega Millions, Legends Of Poker has offered 2 other events today.

Event20 H.O.R.S.E $30,000 Guaranteed.

The event had 71 entries making a prize pool of $34,435.
Congrats to James Douglas winner of the event.

James Douglas

Event21 No Limit Hold'Em $50,000 Guaranteed is currently ongoing with 18 players left out of 87 entries.

We have a final table in Mega Millions

Thomas Jordan has been eliminated in 10th place in Mega Millions XIII for $15,055

Thomas Jordan 

Play will resume at 2pm tomorrow, live streamed at Live at the Bike

Top 3 chip stacks heading into day4 is

William Foxen 15,900,000
Jason Leifer 15,725,000
James Buckley 12,300,000

William Foxen 

Jason Leifer

James Buckley