We Care Commitment

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

20 players left in main Event.

- Sean Winter 26th place for $15,428 
- Jorden Fox 25th place for $15,428 
- Dimitry Bykow 24th place for $15,428 
- Jaren Greiner 23rd place for $15,428 
- Daniel Wagner 22nd place for $15,428 
- Yiming Li 21st place for $15,428 

Aaron Kweskin is the current chip leader with 2,915,000 followed by Mike Shariati currently 2nd in chips. 

We will play 7 levels or down to 18 players which ever comes last. 

Rubin Chappell has been eliminated in 27th place for $15,428.

Rubin Chappell
27 players left and a complete re-draw.

Top 3 chip stacks.

1, Aaron Kweskin - 2,380,000
2, Michael Wang - 2,040,000
3, Craig Chait - 1,820,000

Aaron Kweskin 

Michael Wang

Craig Chait 

Mega Millions XIII Runner up Joshua Fields has been eliminated in 29th place for $13,075.

Joshua Fields 

Down to 29 players as JJ Liu has been eliminated in 30th place for $13,075.

JJ Liu 

Players are now on a 45 minutes dinner break, play resume approximately 6:40pm with 37 players left in the field.

Joseph Cheong has taken over the chip lead with 1,500,000

JC Tran were just eliminated in 37th place at the last hand before dinner break for $10,983.  

WPT Main Event Day3

We are 4,5 hours into WPT Main Event Day3, 74 players returned for the day and with 20 minutes left of Level20 40 remains in the field.

Everyone has locked up minimum of $10,983.

Tom Marchese is the current chip leader with 1,440,000 average is 589.500

Main Event Day3 Return list

Michael Wang is the current chip leader with 832.000 when 74 players return to WPT Main Event Day3, below is complete return list.

WPT Event27

Congrats to Matt Salsberg, winner of WPT No Limit Hold'Em $1,100 Turbo Event27.

After 4 WPT Main Event bullets, Matt decided to play the $1,100 Turbo event, which was a good decision as he outplayed 48 players and finally took one down.

Matt Salsberg