We Care Commitment

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Second flight of the day gets 179 entries, which is the biggest flight in Event1 so far.

18 will advance to day2, currently 34 left in the field.

Among the players still in the flight are,

Nipun java

Alex Aras

Alex Rapoport

Robert Prinz

Rubin Chappell 

Martin Edwards ends the first flight of the day as chip leader with 272,500 his chip stack puts him in currently top 3 stacks heading into day2.

Martin Edwards 

Jarod Einsohn advance to day2 with 130,500

Hermilo Vargas advance with 156,000 

Jason Paquin double qualify and will get $2,500 for his double qualification. 

CPPT Event1 Day1D Flight1

First flight of the day have 160 entries, 16 will advance to day2, currently 24 left at level 15. 

2nd flight have so far 125 entries with about 1 hour left until registration close. 

Event1 Day1ABC return list

75 players have advance to day2 through Day1ABC, Artak Babayan holds the chip lead with 318,000.

Below is the current list of players that will return for day2.

Day1C Flight2

As the second flight of the day concludes, 14 players advance to day2.

Chris Cunliffe ends the flight as chip leader with 258,500

Chris Cunliffe

JL Casarez advance with 166,000

John Hullet advance from the 2nd flight with 237,000