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Friday, September 25, 2015

Mike Eskandari ends first flight as chip leader with 308,500 which brings him 3rd in chips overall.
A total of 21 advance to day2.

Mike Eskandari

Second flight ends with 112 entries and 22 will advance to day2, among the players in the flight to chip up for day2 are,

Matt Salsberg

Nika Futterman

Prince Cassell 

Susanne Krausse

CPPT Event1 Day1E Flight1

Today's flights are a bit different from the previous 4 days and 8 flights.

Today's flights have a $550 buy-in with 25,000 in starting chips and 20% from each flight advance to day2 as opposed to $235 buy-in 12,000 starting chips and 10% advance to day2 for the previous flights.

First flight of the day had a total of 107 entries with 21 players to advance to day2.

At level 14, 27 players remain in the field.

Among the remaining players are,

Lawrence Ma

Mike Eskandari

Nipun Java

Event1 Day1ABCD return list

109 players have so far advanced to day2 in Event1 $300,000 Guaranteed.
Artak Babayan holds the current chip lead with 318,000.

2 more flights today were 20% of the field advance and optional direct buy in tomorrow.
Click here for more info about day2 direct buy in.

Return list, chip count and seat assignments below.

Last flight of the day has concluded with 18 players advancing to day2

David Hasset ends the flight as chip leader with 253,500

Among the 18 players to advance from this flight were,

Rubin Chappell - 143,000
Sammy Paik - 128,000
Ruben Allen - 137,500
Vanessa Alvarez - 84,500

Ruben Allen 

Rubin Chappell

Sammy Paik

Vanessa Alvarez