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Sunday, September 27, 2015

CPPT Event3

Congrats to Artur Demirchyan winner of CPPT Event3 for $15,500*

Artur Demirchyan 

- 1st place Artur Demirchyan $15,500*
- 2nd place Mike Eskandari $8,985*
- 3rd place Jonathan Kendall $5,575*
- 4th place Anthony Nguyen $4,150*
-5th place Steve Reitzfeld $3,245*
-6th place Jing Shan $2,610

*Last 5 finalists made an agreement as follows
1st $12,380/ 2nd $8,500/ 3rd $6,045/ 4th $5,430/ 5th $5,100

Level20 Blinds 1,000/5,000/10,000

6 players left in Event3, remaining players have locked up $2,610 with $15,500 up top. 

Recent eliminations from the final table 
- 9th place Bruce Greenberg $1,250 
- 8th place Jerfi Firatli $1,630 
- 7th place Randi Simenhoff $2,075

CPPT Event3

Level17 Blinds 500/2,500/5,000 

It took 17 levels to get to the money in Event3
The remaining players have locked up a min cash of $745

Among the players to cash were Barry Shulman who were eliminated just short off the final table in 10th place for $1,250

Barry Shulman

CPPT Event2 Results

CPPT Event1 Results

CPPT Event4 *Overlay Alert*

Level6 Blinds 50/200/400 

No Limit Hold'Em Bounty $25,000 Guaranteed.
Currently 56 entries and the guaranteed prize pool has not been met yet.

Time to get down for some good value.

CPPT Event3

Level15 Blinds 500/1,500/3,000 

Event3 No Limit Hold'Em Deepstack $50,000 Guaranteed.
- 126 entries
- Currently 28 left
- 15 in the money for min cash $745
- $15,500 for 1st place

CPPT Event1

Congrats to John JJ Garza, the official winner of Card Player Poker Tour Event1 NLHE $300,000 GTD for 1st place of $60,039. after a 6 way chop.

John JJ Garza

Final 6 results.

1st place John JJ Garza $60,039*
2nd place Fredrick Goff $35,070*
3rd place Elmo Imperial $$21,250*
4th place Travis Keppel $16,025*
5th place Hermilo Vargas $12,350*
6th place Angelito Ramoso $9,370*

*Last 6 finalists made an agreement as follows
1st $35,554/ 2nd $30,125/ 3rd $28,575/ 4th $21,605/ 5th $19,250/ 6th $21,495

CPPT Event1

Level30 Blinds 80,000/160,000 

We have lost 4 players since the last update in Event1

10th place Daniel Wagner - $4,565
9th place Ilya Sphiner - $5,325
8th place Adam Volen - $6,215
7th place Raz Mael - $7,305

The remaining 6 players has locked up $9,370 with +$60,000 up top.

CPPT Event1

 Level29 Blinds 50,000/100,000 

Down to 1 table and unofficial final table in Event1. 

All players left have locked up $4,565 

CPPT Event2

Level 20 Blinds 6000/12000

8 players left in Event2 and everyone left is in the money for min cash $990.