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Monday, September 28, 2015

CPPT Event4

CPPT Event3 Results

CPPT Event4

Congrats to Kim Yong winner of Event4 for 1st place of $6,365*

Kim Yong

Yamaguchi Mitsuru ends runner up for $3,795*

*Final 2 players made an agreement as follows,
1st $5,080/ 2nd $5,080

CPPT Event4

Level21 Blinds 2,000/6,000/12,000

We are now heads up as Daniel Straus ha been eliminated in 4th place for $1,755 and Dominick Roberson finish in 3rd place for $2,345. 

CPPT Event4

Level17 Blinds 500/2,500/5,000 

4 handed in Event4

Recent eliminations,

- 9th place Felipe Arevalo $505
- 8th place Matt Tauber $665
- 7th place Kamaleddin Abdolrahim $850
- 6th place Andrew Wegener $1,075
- 5th place Chrish Muradyan $1,345

CPPT Event4

Level14 500/1,500/3,000 

Down to 9 players and final table in Event4 

You had to make it to final table to cash in this event as top 9 places are being paid with a min cash of $505 With $6,365. 

In addition to any bounties the player has accumulated during the tournament which pays $100 each.