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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

CPPT Event9

Congrats to Jeff Davis, winner of CPPT Event9 No Limit Hold'Em $10,000 Guaranteed for $3,500*

Jeff Davis

Runner up in this event were Jorge Quad for 2nd place of $2,090*
Altyanai Fung ends in 3rd place for $1,300

*Final 2 players made an agreement as follows,
1st $2,630/ 2nd place $2,200

CPPT Event9

Level22 Blinds 2,000/8,000/16,000 

3 players left in Event9, recent eliminations 

- 4th place Conway Frankenheim $950
- 5th place Roubick Shanazar $730 
- 6th place Aaron Lonh $580 
- 7th place Ro Young 
- 8th place David Vorse 

An agreement was made to play 9th and 10th place $380 each 

- 9th place Paul Anderson 
- 10th place Khalil Musleh 

Next payouts are 
3rd place $1,300 
2nd place $2,090
1st place $3,500 

CPPT Event10

Level8 Blinds 75/300/600

Event10 ends with 97 entries currently 56 left at level8 
Prize pool is $15,000 with 15 players in the money for min cash of $225 and $4,635 for 1st place. 

CPPT Event9

Level19 Blinds 1,000/4,000/8,000

8 players left in Event9 everyone left has locked up a min cash of $380. 

CPPT Event9

Level17 Blinds 500/2,500/5,000

We're approaching the money in Event9, currently down to 10 players, one elimation from final table and two from the money. 

CPPT Event 9 &10

Level14 Blinds 400/1,200/2,400 

Event9 $10,000 Guaranteed ends with 71 entries, 21 players remain in the field at Level14.

8 will be in the money with min cash of $380, with $3,500 for 1st place.

Registration is open until 8pm in the $15,000 Guaranteed No Limit Hold'Em deepstack with a $150 Buy-In.

Event8 Results

Event7 Results