We Care Commitment

Saturday, October 3, 2015

CPPT Event14

Level20 Blinds 1,000/5,000,10,000 

With 22 players left in Event14 $50,000 Guaranteed, everyone still in is in the money.

CPPT Event15

Event15 No Limit Hold'Em $30,000 guaranteed Bounty ends with 115 entries creating a total prize pool of $34,500. 

Top 12 players in the money with a min cash of $435 and $7360 up top. 

At level 9 45 players remain in the field. 

CPPT Event14

Event14 No Limit Hold'Em Deepstack $50,000 Guaranteed

With a total of 224 entries the Guaranteed prize pool of $50,000 were crushed with an actual prize pool of $65,184.

At level 15 Blinds 500/1,500/3,000 66 players remain in the field, the players need to survive another 42 eliminations until they're in the money as 24 players get paid with min cash of $580 and the winner will be rewarded with $18,894.

Event13 Results


Congrats to Ricky Ortiz winner of Event13, No Limit Hold'Em $30,000 Guaranteed Quantum Reload for 1st place of $8,703*

Ricky Ortiz 

Runner up were Daniel Kwan for $$4,975*
- 3rd place Steve Goldman $3,090*
- 4th place David Yoon $2,445*
- 5th place Steven Sparks $1,895*
- 6th place Kurt Richter $1,470
- 7th place Joseph Anthony $1,125
- 8th place Russ Taylor $855
- 9th place Sohrab Karmand $650

Full payout will be posted tomorrow.

*Final 5 players made an agreement as follow
1st $5,618/ 2nd $4,610/ 3rd $4,415/ 4th $3,240/ 5th $3,070

We are quickly approaching final table in Event13 as we're down to last 11 players.