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Sunday, October 4, 2015

CPPT Event16 $200,000 Guaranteed

Event16 $200,000 Guaranteed has kicked off with 2 flights today.

First flight ends with 284 entries, 28 players advance today2 which is on Friday 10/9
second flight of the day is ongoing with 240 entries and 24 will advance to day2

Currently 110 players left in the field.

There will be 2 qualifying days daily until Thursday click here for details about each flight, you also have the option to direct buy-in to day2 click here for more info.

Event15 Results

Event14 Results

CPPT Event15

Congrats to Sunny Chen, winner of Card Player Media Tour Event15, No Limit Hold'Em $30,000 Guaranteed Bounty for 1st place of $7,360

Sunny Chen

Runner up were Hong Lin Liu $4,370
- 3rd place Michael Yoshino $2,700
- 4th place Bruce Bender $2,060

CPPT Event15

Level19 Blinds 1,000/4,000/8,000 

5 handed in Event15, remaining players has locked up minimum of $1,565. 

Recent eliminations 
- 6th place Andrew Guest $1,260
- 7th place Anthony Zuniga $1,000 
- 8th place Tim Newton $780 
- 9th place Hathi Hosseini $600 
- 10th place David Glendenning $435 
- 11th place Levon Khachatryan $435 
- 12th place Abdolrahim Kanaleddin $435

CPPT Event14

Congrats to Vahid Hannani winner of Card Player Poker Tour Event14, No Limit Hold'Em $50,000 Guaranteed for 1st place of $18,894*

Vahid Hannani

Runner up were Koveh Waysei $10,820*
- 3rd place Kevin French $6,455*
- 4th place Mark Kogan $4,985*
- 5th place Natalio Pereira $3,770
- 6th place Lionel Johnson $3,065
- 7th place John Karavas $2,400
- 8th place Kirk Menne $1,870
- 9th place Jeffrey McCarddle $1,420

Final 4 players made an agreement as follows,
1st $12,769/ 2nd $10,380/ 3rd $8,870/ $7,795

CPPT Event15

Level18 Blinds 1,000/3,000/6,000 

Final table in Event15, down to 9 players. 

CPPT Event15

Level17 Blinds 500/2,500/5,000 

12 players remain in Event15 and everyone left has locked up min cash of $435 in addition to any $100 Bounty the player has collected. 

CPPT Event14

Level25 Blinds 5,000/15,000/30,000

Down to 6 players in Event14.