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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Event16 Day1E Flight2

Second flight of the day ends with 207 entries, top 41 players will advance to Day2. 

Currently 140 players left in the field. 

Event16 Day1E Flight1

Flight1 has ended with 39 players advancing to Day2.

A couple of players that qualified from this flight are

Thomas Tran - 183,600 

Sam Goncuoglu - 165,700 

Moshe Manzur - 135,600 

Jared Greiner - 131,300 

Event16 Day1E Flight1

First flight of Day1E ends with 194 entries, 39 players will advance today2.

At level16 Blinds 500/2,000/4,000 45 players remain in the field, once 5 players has been eliminated the remaining players will bag and tag and return for day2 tomorrow at 1pm.

if you haven't had the chance to qualify yet, you can buy in directly to day2 for $1,200 you'll be in the money for minimum cash of $200 and start with 50bb average stack, check here for more info.

Event16 Return list

After 4 Day1's and 8 flights 200 players has advanced to Day2 in Event16, $200,000 Guaranteed.

Bashar Satoot holds the current chip lead with 357,100 and the current prize pool has already exceeded the Guaranteed prize pool of $200,000

Below is current return list, chip stacks and seat assignments