We Care Commitment

Friday, October 9, 2015


Level7 Blinds 50/250/500 

Event18 ends with 166 entries creating a prize pool of $32,204. 

18 players will be in the money for min cash of $395 with $9,674 for 1st place  

Event16 Day2

Level20 Blinds 1,000/5,000/10,000 

Down to 110 players in Event16, remaining players have locked up min cash of $515. 


Alongside Event16 a $12,000 Guaranteed Omaha 8 Or Better is ongoing. 

Currently at Level10 with 53 players left in the field out of a total of 78 entries, creating a total prize pool of $15,132. 

You need to get to final table to be in the money as top 9 are being paid with min cash of $410 and $5,412 for 1st place. 

Event16 Day2

Level17 Blinds 500/2,500/5,000 

At Level17 173 players remain in Event16 a couple of all the notables still in the field. 

Jamie Gold 

Bruce Buffer 

Cord Garcia 

Craig Chait

Jordan Cristos 

Mark Hamilton

Thi Troung

Mike Eskandari 

Mike Shariati

Deepinder Singh

Event16 Prize Pool

With a total of 1,901 entries the guaranteed prize pool of $200,000 has been crushed for a final prize pool of $366,369, with $57,824 for 1st place.

Complete payout structure below.

Event16 Day2

Cards in the air in Day2 of Event16.

The blinds starts at Level 13 - 300/1,000/2,000 with 40 minute levels.

All players in Day2 is guaranteed a min cash of $200, complete prize pool will be posted as soon as it has been released.

Event16 Day2 Return list

Day2 Return list, chip count and seat assignment.

Event16 Day1E Flight2

Second flight of the day has ended and 41 players has bagged their chips and will return tomorrow.

No one were able to catch up with Basher Satoot's chip stack of 357,100, but Osmin Dardon who ended this last flight as chip leader is not far away with 354,400.

Osmin Dardon

A couple other players that also advanced from this flight were,

Gladys Landegger - 210,100 

Lawrence Ma - 67,00

LD Gray - 78,900

Ruben Allen - 129,700 

Sungho Yang - 53,000 

The prize pool has exceeded the guarantee already and is currently +$264,000.

Day2 starts at 1pm tomorrow with optional direct Buy-In for $1,200, starting with 100,000 in chips 50bb $200 in the money - click here for more info