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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Main Event Day1A

Main event Day1A ends with 128 entries 32 advance to Day2 

85 players remain at level7 


Congrats to John Stumfall, winner of Card Player Poker Tour Event16 for $57,824*

John Stumfall 

- Elliot Phillips is runner up for $34,830*
- Nipun Java ends in 3rd place for $21,425*

Elliot Phillips 

Nipun Java

Last 3 players made an agreement as follows,
1st $42,262 / 2nd $37,304/ 3rd $34,513
Nipun Java doubles up

Nipun is all in pre-flop in bb with As8c Elliot calls on button with 66 

The board runs out 7hAdQs 10c 3s and Nipun doubles up. 
Jordan Cristos has been eliminated in 4th place for $17,250

Jordan Cristos 

Final table continue 3 handed with

- Elliot Phillips
- John Stumfall
- Nipun Java

4 handed in Event16

Qiad Huicum is short stack and all in pre flop for about 1,000,000 Elliot Philipps re-raise to 4,000,000.

No one calls and the cards are tabled.
Qiad have 77
Elliot have QQ

Qiad can't catch a 7 and is eliminated in 6th place for $10,055

Qiad Huicum

Shortly after - Jared Griener goes all in pre-flop with AcJd and John Stumfall calls with 33, Jared doesn't hit any of his outs and is eliminated in 5th place for $13,350.

Jared Griener

Wayne Brubaker has been eliminated in 7th place for $7,215. 

Wayne Brubaker

Quickly down to 7 players in Event16, following players were recently eliminated.

- 8th place Albert Bragg $5,675
- 9th place Satoot Bashar $4,350
- 10th place Joel Kop $3,100

Albert Bragg

Satoot Bashar 

Joel Kop 

Event16 Day3

Level30 Blinds 20,000/60,000/120,000 

Down to 10 players in Event16 as Rene Peza and Khoa Huynh has been eliminated.

- 11th place Khoa Huynh $3,100
- 12th place Rene Peza $3,100

Khoa Huynh 

Rene Peza 

Card player Tour Main Event Day1A

Main Event just kicked off at the Bike with an estimated prize pool of $500,000.

The event have 3 Day1's running Saturday Sunday and Monday starting at 12.
You can also buy in directly at Day2 on Tuesday for $4,300 60bb click here for more info

Event18 Results

Congrats to Ismet Necicolaci winner of Event18 No Limit Hold'Em $30,000 Guaranteed for 1st place of $9,674*

Event17 Results

Congrats to Super Mario Esquerra winner of Event17 Omaha 8 Or Better for 1st place of $5,142*

Event16 Day3 Return list

12 players return for Day3 in Event16, return list chip counts below, Day3 starts at 1pm.

Event16 Day2

12 players remain when the play concludes for the day at Level30 Blinds 20,000/80,000/160,000 

The remaining 12 players will resume the play at 1pm tomorrow and play down to a winner.