We Care Commitment

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Level10 Blinds 100/500/1,000 

Down to 65 players in the Main Event 
- Nipun Java 
- Matt Salsberg 
- Boris Goldstein 
- Sean Yu 
- Lawrence Ma 

Is among the remaining players 

Main Event Day1B

Day1B ends with 146 entries, 37 will advance to Day2.

90 players will return after dinner break in about 20 minutes starting at level9 with Blinds 100/400/800.

A couple of the players in Day1B

Alex Masek 

Cord Garcia 

Jared Greiner

Lawrence Ma

Matt Salsberg 

Maxwell Lineberger

Nipun Java

Paul Chauderson

Sean Yu 

Vito Sturiano

Main Event Day1B

Pierce McKellar ends first day with the chip lead with 323,600, 32 players advance to day2 on Tuesday.

Second starting day of main event starts at 12pm with late registration first 6 levels.

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