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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Congrats to Osmin Dardon winner of Card Player Poker Tour Main Event for 1st place of $155, 535

Lily Kiletto is the runner up and takes 2nd place for $85,095

Lily Kiletto 

- 3rd place Duy Duong $50,000
- 4th place Mark Hamilton $38,145
- 5th place Brent Hart $28,990
- 6th place Lu Wang $22,595 
- 7th place Xuan Nguyen $17,605
- 8th place Behzad Javadzdeh $13,675
- 9th place Jordan Warkol $10,270

Duy Duong 

Mark Hamilton

Brent Hart 

Lu Wang 

Xuan Nguyen 

Behzad Javadzdeh 

Jordan Warkol