We Care Commitment

Thursday, December 3, 2015


Level17 Blinds 500/2,000/4,000 

55 players left in Event1 10 more eliminations and the remaining players will be in the money. 


Level9 Blinds 100/400/800 

The event had 169 entries creating a total prize pool of $32,786, 18 players will be in the money with min cash of $400 and $9,846 for 1st place. 

Currently 80 players remain in the field. 
Level14 Blinds 300/1,000/3,000 

We are now down to 99 players in Event1. 

Top 45 players will be in the money with min cash of $500 and $24,264 up top. 

Dinner break in Event1

We have now played 12 levels in Event1 and the players are on a 45minutes break.

144 players currently remain in the field, including a lots of LA regs such as,

- Craig Chait
- Phong Turbo Nguyen
- Jared Greiner
- Bruce Kramer
- Mike Eskandari
- Max Lineberger
- Gladys Landegger

Stay tuned for more updates.

If you're not already here and play in the 1st event, you can still come down and get in the game for the 2nd event of the day here at The Bicycle Casino.

Event #13

- No Limit Hold'Em
- $235 Buy-In
- $30,000 Guaranteed
- Registration open until 8pm

For full structure click here

Event1 ends with 368 entries creating a total prize pool of $110,400 with $24,265 for 1st place. 

At the start of level8 75/250/500 we are down to 295 players. 
We are playing 21 levels today and will resume for day2 at 1pm tomorrow. 

WSOPC Event1

First event in the WSOPC Serie is off to a good start, with 1 level left until registration close we are currently at 300 players left in the

WSOP Circuit

WSOP Circuit event kicks off in about an hour here at the Bicycle Casino, the series will have a lot of variety of events including 12 official ring events. 

The first event of the serie is a $75,000 Guaranteed No Limit Hold’Em Monster stack official ring event, the second event of the day will be a $30,000 Guaranteed No Limit Hold'Em tournament. 

Tomorrow is a $150 Buy-In, $100,000 Guaranteed no Re-entry, no Re-buy tournament. 

Complete schedule below, click here to check out the structure of all events. 

Don't miss out on this Serie, come on down and play for good value, try to get your own WSOP ring and don't miss to check out the new amazing hotel with great special offers.