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Friday, December 4, 2015

Event 2

We have reached the final two tables in WSOPC NLHE Bounty, Event2 

18 players left and 3 eliminations from the money, with min cash of $475 and 7,830 for 1st place. 


Congrats to Dave Banerjee, winner of WSOPC Event1 $75,000 Guaranteed for 1st place of $24,265.

Dave Banerjee


The 1 day, $100,000 guaranteed event has now over 900 entries with 30 minutes left of registration  

WSOPC Event13 Results

Event2 Bounty

Alongside Day2 of Event1 and the huge field of the $100,000 GTD event.

130 players entered WSOPC Event2 which started at 12pm today.

- No Limit Hold'Em Bounty, Official Ring Event.
- Buy-In $365
- Bounty $100
- 2 Day Event

At Level7 Blinds 75/250/500 110 players remain, we will play 21 levels for today and resume play tomorrow at

Event14 $100,000 Guaranteed

Event14 is a $150 Buy-In, $100,000 Guaranteed no re-buy, no re-entry 1day tournament.

Naturally this attracts a huge amount of players and the tournament has just started with well over 600 entries, the lines to register is currently very long, the players that are registering at this point are alternates and will be interspersed in turn.

Registration is open until 6pm 


Level24 Blinds 3,000/10,000/20,000 

We are 2 hours into day2 of WSOPC Event1 and we are approaching the final table with 13 players left in the field.

The remaining players have locked up a minimum of $1,525.


Level18 Blinds 1,000/3,000/6,000

We are down to 15 players in Event13 all remaining players has locked up $465


As the day of the 1st WSOP Circuit event concludes, Jeremy Yar has the chip lead heading into day2 with 812,000.

24 players will return for day2 at 1pm tomorrow.

Play resume at level 22 with blinds 2,000/6,000/12,000 all remaining players has locked up minimum of $915.

Jeremy Yar

Kevin Frech 2nd in chips with 504,000