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Saturday, December 5, 2015

WSOPC Event3

The first out of 4 flights in Event3 $200,000 Guaranteed has concluded, 53 players survived and will return for day2 at 12pm on Monday.

Among the players to advance to day2 are,

Craig Chait - 182,600 

Nipun Java - 76,600 

Clint Mooney - 61,300 

Ilya Shpiner - 14,100 

Nikhil Gera - 30,900 

WSOPC Event3 Day1A Flight1

At the end of registration of Day1A Flight1 of WSOPC Event3 $200,000 Guaranteed 303 had entered to take a shot at the prize pool.

We are currently at Level9 with Blinds 100/300/600 and 126 players remain in the field.

Each Day1 flights play 14 levels.

second flight of the day starts in about 10 minutes and late registration is open until start of Level7, for full structure click here

WSOPC Event13 Results

WSOPC Event1 results


WSOPC Event3 $200,000 Guaranteed kicks off with its first flight at 12pm Saturday 12/5 and second flight same day at 5pm. 

Day1B on Sunday 12/6 have the same structure with 2 flights starting at 12pm and 5pm, both Day1A and B is scheduled to play 14 levels and then bag and tag. 

The survivors from day1 will resume their play on Monday at 12pm and play until level 29, the remaining players at that point will head over to day3 on Tuesday 1pm. 

For complete info and structure click here 


Congrats to Erkinbek Ozumbekow, winner of Event14 $100,000 Guaranteed for 1st place of $27,520*

Erkinbek Ozumbekow

Runner up Daniel Compton $15,145*
- 3rd place Rickey Gore $9,080*
- 4th place Toshiaki Tanaka $6,945*
- 5th place Robert Dockery $5,250*
- 6th place Jesus Jimenez $3,930*
- 7th place Jose Chavez $3,030*
- 8th place Karen Adams $2,390*
- 9th place Brian Sponsler $1,860*
- 10th place Lorne Cameron $1,380*

Final 10 players made an agreement as follow,
1st $13,150/ 2nd $12,115/ 3rd $10,060/ 4th $10,015/ 5th $7,765/ 6th $5,530/ 7th $4975/ 8th $4,475/ 9th $4,385/ 10th $4,060

Full payout will be posted later on today.

Event14 $100,000 Guaranteed

This 1 day $100,000 Guaranteed, no re-buy, no re-entry event ends with 1,054 entries, creating a total prize pool of $122,685, with a min cash of $240 starting at top 108 players and $27,520 for 1st place.

21 players remain at Level26, Blinds 5,000/20,000/40,000.


Event2 Bounty has concluded for the day and the remaining 4 players will return and play down to a winner tomorrow starting at 1pm.

Alan Myerson ends the day as chip leader with 403,000