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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Prize pool for Event3 $200,000

The Prize pool for Event3 $200,000 Guaranteed has been released, the event had a total of 1,000 entries creating a total prize pool of $300,000.

Top 108 players will be in the money with a min cash of $550 with $55,510 for 1st place.
We have now reached the last level of the day in Flight1, another 30 minutes of play until it's time to bag and tag and return for day2 tomorrow at 12pm, currently 54 players left in the field.

WSOPC Event3 Day1B Flight1

First flight of the day ends with 268 entries, we are currently at level 12 with 72 players remaining in the field.

Second flight of the day have about another 2 hours of registration and so far 160 players has entered to give it a shot at the $200,000 Guaranteed prize pool.

WSOPC Event3 Day1B

First flight of WSOPC Event3 Day1B is in progress with registration open until start of Level7 around 3:20pm.

Second flight starts at 5pm with registration open until around 8:20pm.

WSOPC Event3

Below is the return list of players from WSOPC Event3 Day1A

Event2 Results

Congrats to Alan Myerson, winner of WSOPC Event2 No Limit Hold'Em Bounty for 1st place of $7,830.

WSOPC Event3 Day1A Flight2

2nd flight of the day has concluded with a total of 196 entries and 32 players advanced to day2, among the survivors are,

Matt Salsberg - 49,800 

Melanie Wiesner - 71,000 

Todays two flights combined had a total of 499 players with 2 more flights tomorrow it looks like the Guaranteed prize pool of $200,000 will get crushed once again.

If you haven't already advanced you'll have the chance to get in and play any of the 2 flights tomorrow starting at 12pm and 5pm.