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Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Event5 which started at noon is down to final 2 tables and 29 players is left in the field. 

3 elimations left and the remaining players have locked up min cash of $1,200. 


Event16 No Limit Hold'Em Deepstack ends with a total of 74 entries creating a total prize pool of $21,534. 

Top 8 players will be in the money for min cash of $820 with $7,539 for 1st place. 

We are currently at Level8 Blinds 75/300/600 and 43 players remain in the field.  


The Omaha 8 Or Better event ends with a total of 124 entries creating a prize pool of $37,200. 

Top 14 is in the money with min cash of $630 and 1st place pays $10,400 and a ring. 


Congrats to Stuart Pfeifer, winner of WSOPC Event3 $200,000 Guaranteed for 1st place of $55,510 and a WSOP Ring.

Stuart Pfeifer

- 2nd place David Rich $34,315
- Nipun Java $25,500

Event 5

The first event of the day $580 No Limit Hold'Em Official ring event ends with 115 entries, creating a total prize pool of $57,500 with top 12 players in the money, with min cash of $1,200 and $17,255 and a ring up top. 

We are currently at Level10 Blinds 100/400/800 and 50 players still in he field.  

Event 5, 6 & 16

The Bike and WSOPC have 3 great tournament on the schedule for today.

- Event5 No Limit Hold'Em Official ring event is ongoing with about 40 minutes left of registration 105 players has so far entered to take a shot at the 1st place and a WSOP Ring.

The event will play 21 levels today and resume play tomorrow at 1pm.

- Event6 Omaha 8 Or Better Official Ring event, the event is scheduled to play 16 levels today and then resume at 2pm tomorrow.

- Event16 No Limit Hold'Em Deepstack 1 day event starting at 5pm with registration open until 8pm.

Event15 Results

Event4 Results


Congrats to Dale Beaudoin winner of WSOPC Event4 No Limit Hold'Em for 1st place of $12,395

Dale Beaudoin

Scott stewart ends the event in 2nd place for $7,660


With 2 recent eliminations and end of Level31 the final 3 has decided to wrap it up for today and resume at 1pm tomorrow.

Final 3 players are,

Stuart Pfeifer holds the chip lead heading into day3 with 5,910,000
Nipun Java - 2,055,000
David Rich - 2,005,000

Tara Dunn eliminated in 4th place for $19,170
Jarod Einsohn eliminated in 5th place for $14,575


We are approaching final table in Event15 with only 13 players left from originally 123 entries, everyone still in has locked up minimum of $355 with $7,402 for 1st place. 


We're at Level21 in Event4 and the field is down to just 5 players including Scott Stewart who took down a WSOP Ring here at the Bike in March earlier this year. 


Final 5 players in Event3 $200,000 guaranteed are

Tara Dunn

David Rich 

Jarod Einsohn 

Nipun Java

Stuart Pfeifer


The event were scheduled to end at the end of level 29, however the final 5 players agreed to continue playing and re-evaluate whether they want to continue or wrap it up for the day at the end of each level.


Down to final 7 players in Event3, among the final 7 is

- Nipun Java
- Jarod Einsohn
- David Rich

Everyone still in has locked up at least $8,725, last level of the day has just started and the remaining players in 60 minutes will resume play tomorrow at 1pm.