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Thursday, December 10, 2015


We are down to Final 3 tables and 27 players left in the turbo event. 


Event9 ends with 120 entries, creating a total prize pool of $36,125 with 12 spots paid with min cash of $750 and $10,810 ring up top


Congrats to Bryant Bustamente, winner of WSOPC Event17 No Limit Hold'Em for $8,208*


With about 1 hour of play Event9 have so far 77 entries, registration is still open until about 6:20pm. 

As this is a turbo event with 30 minute levels first 6 levels, once registration is closed at level 7 we play 20 minute levels. 

This could be the fastest way to grab one of those WSOP Rings. 

Come on down and try to get yours. 


Event8 ends with a total of 81 entries creating a total prize pool of $81,000 with $25,915 and a ring for 1st place.

You need to get down to final table to reach the money as top 9 will lock up min cash of $2,580.

At the end of Level7 the field is down to 59 players.


Congrats to Alex Masek, winner of WSOPC Event7 for 1st place of $12,000 and his 9th WSOP Ring.

Alex Masek

Alex started day2 with about 9bb and were 6/7 in chips as the day started, however it took him about 3 hours not only to catch up but to have all the chips in his possession to win the event and extend his all time WSOP Ring lead to a total of 9 rings.

Event 8 & 9

We have 2 Official ring events on the schedule today

Event8 - No Limit Hold'Em 2 day official ring event - the event is underway 
Start 12pm
Registration close 3:20pm
Buy in $1,125

The event is scheduled to play 21 levels today and resume play tomorrow for full structure click here. 

Event9 - No Limit Hold'Em Turbo official ring event

Start 3pm
Registration close 6:20pm
Buy-In $365
30 minute level first 6 levels - until registration close
20 minute levels from level7

For full structure click here


Out of 143 entries, 7 players remain in the field and will resume their play for day2 at 1pm today.

Steve Bulut is the chip leader heading into Day2 with 126,000, among the 7 remaining is Alex Masek who is looking to extend his WSOP all time ring lead from 8 rings to possibly 9 today.

Good luck to everyone still in.


Congrats to Phillip Penn, winner of WSOPC Event6 Omaha 8 Or Better. 

Phillip takes down 1st place for $10,400 and a very nice WSOP ring.