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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Main Event

Congrats to Valentin Vornicu winner of WSOPC Main Event at Bicycle Casino for 1st place of $197,110 and his 7th WSOP Ring.

Valentin Vornicu 

Michael Zelman takes down 2nd place for $121,965

Michael Zelman 

That also wraps up this WSOP Circuit stop at the Bicycle Casino for this time.

Thanks to all players, dealers and tournament staff for an amazing turnout.

Main Event

Salvatore DiCarlo has been eliminated in 3rd place for $89,460.

Salvatore DiCarlo

We are now heads up between Michael Zelman and chip leader Valentin Vornicu

High Roller

Congrats to Craig Chait, winner of WSOPC High roller event, earning 1st place money of $51,300 and his 1st WSOP Ring

Craig Chait

Marcus Laffen takes down 2nd place for $34,200

Marcus Laffen

High Roller

We are heads up in the High Roller between Craig Chait and Marcus Laffen.

- Nipun Java eliminated in 3rd place for $17,100
- Marco Johnson eliminated in 4th place for $11,400
We are down to final 3 in WSOPC Main Event as Geffrey Klein is eliminated in 4th place for $66,525.

Final 3 are,

- Michael Zelman
- Valentin Vornicu
- Salvatore Dicarlo

Final 4 in High Roller

With 4 players left Nipun Java holds the chip lead in the High Roller Event, the final 4 are 

- Nipun Java 
- Craig Chait 
- Marco Johnson 
- Marcus Laffen 

Remaining players have locked up min cash of $11,400 with $51,300 up top. 
Hermilo Vargas ends WSOPC Main Event in 5th place for $50,140

Hermilo Vargas

Shawn Busse has been eliminated in the Main Event in 6th place for $38,295

Shawn Busse 

Josh Pollock has been eliminated in the Main Event in 7th place for $29,635

Josh Pollock

High Roller

WSOPC High Roller Event ends with a total of 38 entries, creating a total prize pool of $114,000 top 4 spots paid.

- 1st $51,300
- 2nd $34,200
- 3rd $17,100
- 4th $11,400

Main Event

Michael Zelman holds the chip lead in WSOPC Main Event with 7 players left.

Main Event

We just had 2 back to back eliminations in the Main Event, 7 players remain in the field,

- Erhart Edquist 8th place $23,230
- Orlando Romero 9th place $18,440

Erhart Edquist 

Orlando Romero 

High Roller

Nipun Java has taken over the chip lead as the final table is set, Craig Chait is 2nd in chips.

Nipun Java

Cards in the air

Final day for both the WSOPC Main Event and High Roller just started.

11 players remain in the Main Event with Michael Zelman as chip leader at start of the day with 2,585,000.

The High Roller had 3 new entries for day2, Dan Fleyshman, Mark Nasser and Brian Snell, there are now currently 15 players in the event.

Omaha 8 Or Better

Congrats to Payman Arjang, winner of WSOPC Event18 Omaha 8 Or Better.
Complete result will be posted tomorrow morning.

Payman Arjang

Main Event Day2

WSOPC Main Event Day2 has concluded for the day, 11 players remain in the field and everyone still in the event have locked up a minimum of $14,825 but the winner of the event will take home $197,110 and a WSOP Ring. 

Michael Zelman is the current chip leader heading into Day3 with 2,585,000 

Michael Zelman 

2nd in chips Valentin Vornicu - 2,520,000 

3rd in chips Josh Pollock - 1,410,000 

- 4th Salvatore DiCarlo 1,230,000 
- 5th Joseph Deluca 985,000 
- 6th Hermilo Vargas 980,000 
- 7th Geffrey Klein 835,000 
- 8th Shawn Busse 670,000 
- 9th Erhart Edquist 660,000 
- 10th Orlando Romero 490,000 
- 11th Michael Schwartz 365,000 

Play will resume at 1pm tomorrow.