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Saturday, March 5, 2016

MegaMillionXIV Day1B Flight2

Second flight of the day has ended, with 9 players advanced to Day2.

Among the players are,

Mike Eskandari - 89,000
Lawrence Ma - 136,500

Mike Eskandari 

Lawrence Ma

MegaMillionXIV Day1B Flight2/3

Second flight of the day had a total of 85 entries, currently at level 14, 22 players remain in the field and top 9 will advance to Day2.

Third flight of the day had a total of 266 entries, currently at level 8, 145 players remain in the field, top 27 players will be in the money and top 13 will advance to Day2.

MegaMillionXIV Day1B Flight1

First flight of the day has concluded with 15 players advancing to Day2.

Among the qualifiers are LA reg Brian Gorman who ends the flight with 226,000

Brian Gorman

Hand for hand play lasted 2 hands, remaining players has locked up minimum of $300, top 15 players receive $1,000 and brings their chip stacks to Day2 

MegaMillionXIV Day1 Flight1

We are down to 32 players and one elimination from the money, play continue hand for hand until we have reach 31 players.

Final 15 players will bag tag and return for Day2 the 15th

10 WSOPC Main Event seats Freeroll

Top 50 point earners during the WSOPC series will have the option to play in a 10 WSOPC Main event seats freeroll.

You accumulate points by entering designated flights and or daily satellites, the freeroll will be played March 21st at 6pm.

below is current point standings as of 03/04/2016


MegaMillionXIV Return list

29 players advanced to Day2 in MegaMillion during the first 3 starting flight of Day1A, below is current return list, chip stacks and seat assignments.



MegaMillionXIV Day1A Flight1 is running with 140 entries so far, registration is open until 3pm, come on down and get your seat. 

MegaMillion Day1A

We are about to wrap it up for today.

Today's 3 flight had a total of 530 entries, with 47 in the money and 29 players advanced to Day2.

There will be 3 new Day1 flights played tomorrow.

1st flight starts at 12pm, $160 Buy-In, 1 optional Buy-In, 10% in the money and 5% advance to Day2.

2nd flight starts at 2pm, $550 Buy-In, 10% advance to Day2

3rd flight starts at 5:30pm, $160 Buy-In, 1 optional Buy-In, 10% in the money and 5% advance to Day2.

Click here for full schedule and structure.

MegaMillion XIV Day1AF3

Last flight of the day had a total of 241 entries, with 24 in the money and 12 players advanced to Day2.

We are currently at level 20 with 13 players left, once the break is over we will continue playing hand for hand until one more player has been eliminated and the remaining players bag and tag for the day and return for Day2.