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Monday, March 7, 2016

MegaMillionXIV Day1D Flight2

Second flight of the day ends with 166 entries, top 17 will be in the money and top 8 advance to Day2 

Currently at level 10, 58 players remain in the field. 

MegaMillionXIV Day1 Flight1

First flight of the day has concluded with 10 players advancing to Day2.

Both Larisa Evloeva and Nika Futterman double qualified in this flight, in addition to another $1,000 for Day2 qualification they'll both receive a WSOPC Main Event seat worth $1,675.

Larisa Evloeva

Nika Futterman

MegaMillion Day1DF1

1st MegaMillionXIV flight of the day had a total of 207 entries, top 21 will be in the money and top 10 will advance to Day2

MegaMillionXIV Return list as of 03/06/16


MegaMillionXIV Day1C Flight3

Last and final flight of the day has ended, the flight had a total of 159 entries and 8 players advanced to Day2.

Among the players to advance from this flight are,

Anthony Pitesa - 305,500 
Jose Coyote Camacho - 339,000

Anthony Pitesa 

Jose Coyote Camacho 

MegaMillionXIV Day1D

Tomorrow, Monday have 2 MegaMillionXIV starting flights, starting 12pm and 5:30pm, both have the same structure, with $160 Buy-In with an optional Add-On of $100.

Mega Satellite for WSOPC Main Event with a guaranteed seat will be running at 8:30pm, we also have the running single table satellites with a Buy-In range between $80-$400.