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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

MegaMillionXIV Day2

We are in the money in MegaMillionXIV, remaining players has locked up a min cash of $1,190 but everyone is looking to grab that 1st place of $295,195.

Among the top 5 chip stacks are former MegaMillionVIII winner Dave Banerjee.

Dave Banerjee


With 144 players left in the field and 8 levels played, we are more than halfway through the Day2 starting field and 18 eliminations from the money.

Below is a couple more player pictures.

Cody Shedd

Jake Schindler 

Jeff Yarchever

Mike Nie 


395 players started Day2 of MegaMillion, currently at Level4 278 players remain in the field.

Below is a couple of notable players in the field.

Allen Cunningham 

Matt Salsberg

Boris Goldstein 

Carlos Valenzuela

David the Dragon Pham 

Jeff Goff 

Jordan Christos 

Lawrence Ma 

Mike Shariati 

Sarkis Keshishian 

Valentin Vornicu 

MegaMillionXIV prize pool

MegaMillionXIV ends with a total prize pool of $1,856,075 with top 126 players in the money with min cash of $1,255 with $295,125 for 1st place.


Cards in the air

Cards are in the air in MegaMillionXIV Day2 the room is full of players even Antonio Esfandiari is here to take share of the huge prize pool of this MegaMillionXIV

Antonio Esfandiari and Tournament director Mo Fathipour moments before shuffle up and deal

MegaMillionXIV Day2

MegaMillionXIV Day2 is about to kick off, all the Day1 qualifiers has returned and Day2 direct Buy-in registration is closed.

We have a huge Day2 field and one of the player in the room will take down the 1st place of +$300,000.

Complete prize pool payout will be posted as soon as it has been released.

On the schedule today is to play down to 54 players or 12 hours whichever comes first.

Good luck to all players.

MegaMillionXIV Day2 return list, chip count and seat assigments


MegaMillionXIV Day1K

We are on the last flight before Day2 of MegaMillionXIV, top 20 players from this flight will advance to Day2.

A total of 320 players has advanced through all Day1 flights and current prize pool if +$1,560,000

Below is a couple of pictures of players playing in today's flights.

Artak Babayan 

David Dragon Pham 

JJ Garcia 

Sam Goncuoglu 

Thu Nguyen

Lorenzo Cortez

Day2 starts at 4pm with Day2 direct Buy-In registration open until 4pm - no late registration.