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Saturday, March 19, 2016

WSOPC Event9 Day1A Flight2

Registration is closed for the second flight of the day in WSOPC Event9 $200,000 Guaranteed ends with a total of 219 entries.

Currently at level 7, 144 players remain in the field.

WSOPC Event9 Day1A Flight1

First flight of event9 $200,000 Guaranteed has ended with 33 players advancing to Day2.

Among the players to advance are,

Alex Milgrom - 183,800 

Huy Nguyen - 59,000 

Larry Quang - 175,500 

Neil Scott - 118,600 

WSOPC Event9 $200,000 Guaranteed

First flight in this $200,000 Guaranteed ends with a total of 239 entries, with 78 players left heading into Level 11.

WSOPC Event9 $200,000 Guaranteed

WSOPC Event9 Day1A Flight1 $200,000 Guaranteed official WSOPC ring event.

This event have 4 starting flights over two days, starting with the first flight today at 12pm, second flight starts at 5:30.

Buy-In is $365 with registration open first 6 levels, Re-Entry is also available first 6 levels.
Day1 plays a total of 14 30 minute levels.

Check out the full structure here.

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