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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

WSOPC Event15

WSOPC Event 15 $365 Buy-In No Limit Hold'Em ends with a total of 117 players.

Total prize pool ends at $35,100 with $10,520 and a WSOPC ring for 1st place.
The event is scheduled to play 21 levels on Day1, the remaining players will then wrap it up, bag and tag and return tomorrow at 1pm.

WSOPC Event16 Survivor

The survivor event where top 10% gets paid $5,000 ends with a total of 125 entries, the final 12 players gets $5,000 and 13th place pays $2,500.

Currently at level 12, 35 players remain in the field.

Susie Genard takes down Omaha 8 or Better

Congrats to Susie Genard, winner of WSOPC Event13 Omaha 8 or Better.

The event drew 124 entries, creating a prize pool of $37,500 with $10,490 and a WSOPC ring up top.

Susie Genard

WSOPC Event12

Congrats to Eshed Hadaya winner of WSOPC Event12 for 1st place of $10,915 and his first WSOPC ring.

Eshed Hadaya 

Ken Coulson is the runner up in this event for $6,750

WSOPC Event12

With 21 levels of play in WSOPC Event12 the final 2 players bag and tag and will return tomorrow at 1pm.

The heads up battle is between Eshed Hadaya 886,000 and Ken Coulson with 414,000

Eshed Hadaya

Ken Coulson 

WSOPC Event16 Survivor

WSOPC Event16 No Limit Hold'Em Survivor 

- Start 4pm
- Registration close 7pm
- Buy-In $565
- Top 10% gets paid $5,000
- 25 minute levels
- 15,000 Tournament chips

Click here for complete structure

WSOPC Event13 return list

The 22 Omaha 8 or Better player who survived Day1 return today at 2pm to play for the 1st place and a WSOPC ring.

Below is the return list with chip counts


WSOPC Event14 Bounty results


WSOPC Event13

The Omaha 8 or Better has concluded for the day and the field is down to 22 players out of 125 entries.

Total prize pool ends at $47,400 with $10,490 for 1st place.
Top 15 players will be in the money.

Abad Beltran is the chip leader heading into Day2 with 179,000, the players will return tomorrow at 2pm.

WSOPC Event12

With 9 minutes left of Day1 in WSOPC Event12 we are heads up for the 1st price of $10,915 and a WSOPC ring.