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Friday, March 25, 2016

WSOPC Event19

With 14 levels of play in WSOPC Event19 the field is down to 117 players.

Here are a couple of players still in

Alex Masek 

Andy Shooter Stracuzzi 

Brett Murray 

Jose Mendoza 

6 more 40 minute levels remain of Day1.

WSOPC Event19

We are on dinner break in Event19, once the players resume their play we are playing 40 minute levels for the remainder of the day. 
180 out of 413 players remain in the field. 

WSOPC Event19

WSOPC Event 19 No Limit Hold'Em Monster stack ends with a total of 413 entries, creating a total prize pool of $123,900.

Top 45 players in the money with min cash of $560.

Winner of the event will get $27,275 and a WSOPC ring.

Currently at level 8, 293 players remain in the field.
We are scheduled to play 21 levels today, the remaining players when we close out for the day will return and play down to a winner tomorrow at 1pm.

WSOPC Event17

Congrats to Badhi Bounahra, winner of WSOPC Event17 No Limit Hold'Em for 1st place of $26,555 and a WSOPC ring.

Charlie Nguyen is the runner up in this event for 2nd of $16,415.

Badhi Bounahra 

Charlie Nguyen

WSOPC Event17

We are heads up in WSOPC Event17 between Charlie Nguyen and Badhi Bounahra.

Charlie Nguyen 

Badhi Bounahra 

Final two players have locked up $16,415 but both are now eyeing the 1st place prize of $26,555 and the WSOPC ring the winner will receive.

WSOPC Event19

WSOPC Event19 No Limit Hold'Em Monster stack $75,000 Guaranteed.

- Start 12pm
- Reg close 3:20pm
- 2 Day event
- Day1 is scheduled to play 21 levels
- Start with 20,000 tournament chips
- No Re-Entry

Click here for full structure

WSOPC Event17

WSOPC Event17 Day1 has ended with 5 players remaining in the field, with Charlie Nguyen as the chip leader heading into Day2 with 418,000 in chips. 

The final 5 will be back and play down to a winner tomorrow at 1pm. 

WSOPC Event18

Congrats to Robert Gil, winner of WSOPC Event18 No Limit Hold'Em Turbo for 1st place of $12,255 and a WSOPC ring

Robert Gil