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Sunday, March 27, 2016

WSOPC Main Event Day1B

WSOPC Main Event Day1B has concluded with 82 players advancing to Day2. 

Along with Day1A a total of 140 players will return to play Day2.

Hector Contreras ends today's flight as chip leader with 317,000 none of today's players were able to catch up with Antonio Esfandiaris chip lead of 520,000.

Hector Contreras

A couple of notable players advancing from todays flight,

- Ly Tran 262,500 
- Bryn Kenney 215,500
- Kelly Minkin 180,000 
- James Woods 167,500 
- Ray Henson 112,000 
- Ari Engel 74,500 

A complete list will be posted tomorrow morning.
The players return for Day2 tomorrow at 12pm and is scheduled to play 10, 60 minute levels.

WSOPC Main Event Day1B

We are about to close out the second flight of WSOPC Main Event, which had a total of 403 entries and with about 20 minutes left of Day1 99 players remain in the field.

The prize pool has been released with a total prize pool of $1,134,000, top 81 will be in the money with min cash of $2,825 and $226,785 and a WSOPC ring for 1st place. 

WSOPC Event22

The first flight of the $75,000 guaranteed H.O.R.S.E Event has concluded with 6 players advancing to Day2.

Cuu Hoang ends the day as a huge chip leader with 252,000.

There will be two more flights tomorrow with the same structure.

- Starts 12pm & 5:30pm
- Registration open 3 hours after each start time 3pm & 8:30pm
- 10,000 in tournament chips
- Re-Entry first 4 levels
- 10% of the field advance to Day2

Click here for full structure.

WSOPC Event 22

WSOPC Event 22 H.O.R.S.E Day1A ends with a total of 62 entries, top 6 players will advance to Day2. 

Currently at level 11, 25 players remain in the field. 

WSOPC Main Event Day1B

At the end of registration of WSOPC Main Event Day1B 403 players have entered the flight.

Currently at level 10, 223 players remain in the field.

Below is a couple snap shots of some of the players.

Allen Kessler 

Bill Fagerbakke 

Chris DeMaci 

Daniel Strelitz 

Kelly Minkin 

Kyung Min Lee 

Mike Eskandari

Mike Shariati 

Oddie Dardon 

Phuong Turbo Nguyen 

Vanes Martirosyan 

Vanessa Kade 

WSOPC Main Event Day1B

WSOPC Main Event Day1B is at the end of level 8 and todays flight have so far 380 entries, with 1 level and an hour of dinner break before registration close for today.

On the schedule today Sunday

WSOPC Main Event Day1B starts at 12pm 

Last change to get into WSOPC Main Event today, the flight starts at 12pm with registration open until after dinner break after level 7.

- $1,675 Buy-In
- One Re-Entry per flight
- 20,000 Tournament chips
- 40 minute levels all Day1

Click here for full structure

WSOPC Event 22 H.O.R.S.E starts at 1pm 

This H.O.R.S.E tournament have 5 Day1 starting flights with a guaranteed prize pool of $75,000, starting with a Buy-In of $235 today at 1pm.

- Re-Entry first 4 levels
- Registration close at 4pm
- 10% advance to Day2
- Advance to Day2 get $400
- Double qualify to Day2 get $1,600 bonus

Click here for full structure

WSOPC Main Event Day1A return list


WSOPC Event19 results


WSOPC Main Event Day1A

WSOPC Main Event Day1A is in the books with Antonio Esfandiari as the chip leader at the end of the day with 520,000

Day1A had a total of 353 entries, at the end of day 58 players remain in the field.

The survivors will merge with tomorrow's flight on Monday 12pm.

Antonio Esfandiari 

A couple other notable players chip stacks

- Mel Weiner 319,000 (2nd in chips)
- Jamie Gold 252,000
- Barry Woods 199,500
- Tuan Le 180,000
- Shane Schleger 152,000
- Nipun Java 124,500
- Jordan Cristos 95,500
- David "ODB" Baker 94,000
- Bruce Buffer 92,000

Complete list will be posted tomorrow

Main Event Day1B starts tomorrow at 12pm, click here for structure