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Monday, March 28, 2016

WSOPC Main Event

39 players left in the Main Event, Antonio Esfandiari has taken over the chip lead again with 1,100,000.

Top 4 chips stacks are,

- Antonio Esfandiari 1,100,000
- Nipun Java 685,000
- Barry Woods 680,000
- Bryn Kenney 640,000

Antonio Esfandiari 

Nipun Java 

Barry Woods 

Bryn Kenney

WSOPC Event 22 H.O.R.S.E

The $75,000 guaranteed H.O.R.S.E Day1B Flight1 ends with 68 entries, top 7 will advance to Day2 

Second flight of the day starts at 5:30 with registration open until 8:30. 

WSOPC High Roller

WSOPC High Roller currently have 32 entries, registration open until start of Day2 

WSOPC Main Event

Hand for hand is over as Ryan LaPlant has been eliminated on the bubble.

He is all in with less than a small blind with AK although Ryan river a king for top pair, his opponent flopped a straight and Ryan has been eliminated in 82nd place.

Ryan LaPlant

WSOPC Main Event

The players in the Main event is on break and will return to level 18 with blinds 500/2,500/5,000.

We are approaching the bubble with 87 players left in the field with just 6 eliminations from the money.

WSOPC Event 21 High Roller

The High Roller event starts at 3pm today the details for the event.

- Buy-In $3,250
- No Re-Entry
- Registration open until start of Day2
- Each player starts with 30,000 in tournament chips.
- Day1 is scheduled to play 13, 40 minute levels.

Click here for full structure

WSOPC Event 22 H.O.R.S.E Day1BF1

First flight of WSOPC Event 22 H.O.R.S.E Day1B Flight1 is running with registration open until 3pm. 

- $235 Buy-In 
- 10,000 in tournament chips 
- Re-Entry first 4 levels 
- 10% advance to Day2 
- If you advance you'll get $400 

For complete structure click here

Second flight with same structure as above starts at 5:30pm with registration open until 8:30pm. 

WSOPC Main Event Day2

140 players has returned to play Day2 in WSOPC Main Event, Antonio Esfandiari is the chip leader with 520,000.

Below is complete return list.


WSOPC Event22 H.O.R.S.E return list

Below is current return list after Day1A of WSOPC Event 22 H.O.R.S.E