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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Summer Poker Series Event2

Second event in Summer Poker Series $180 Buy-In No Limit Hold'Em Bounty, ends with 88 entries, creating a total prize pool of $8,536 + $50 for every elimination.

Top 9 will be in the money with 1st place of $2,901.

Currently at level 11, 21 players remain in the field.

Summer Poker Series Event1

Congrats to Daniel Davies, winner of the 1st Event in Summer Poker Series, $150 Buy-In $15,000 Guaranteed No Limit Hold'Em tournament for 1st place of $5,128*

Daniel Davis 

- Joseph Szegedy is the runner up in the event for $2,970*
- 3rd place Christopher Banez $1,845*
- 4th place Garret Schafer $1,370*
- 5th place George Kozel $1,075*
- 6th place Majid Zeyfi $865*
- 7th place Jakob McCarthy $685*
- 8th place Steve Moronez $540
- 9th place Behzad Javadzadeh $415

Final 7 players made an agreement as follows

1st place $2,753/ 2nd place $2,355/ 3rd place $1,980/ 4th place $1,830/ 5th place $1,630/ 6th place $1,530/ 7th place $1,370.

Summer Poker Series Event1

First event of the Summer Poker Series here at the Bicycle Casino ends with a total of 142 entries, creating a total prize pool of $16,528, top 15 players will be in the money for min cash of $245 with $5,128 for 1st place.

Currently 22 players remain in the field at Level 14 with Blinds 400-1,200/2,400.

Summer Poker Series

The Summer Poker Series kicks off in less than an hour with a $150 Buy-In, $15,000 Guaranteed No Limit Hold'Em tournament, registration is open until 3pm, click here for structure. 

In addition to above tournament we will have a $180 NLHE Bounty on the schedule today, starting at 5:30pm, click here for the structure. 

Check out the full schedule here and plan to spend a lot of time here at the Bike for some great tournaments with great value - Good luck to all players.