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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Event7 Day1B Flight2

Second flight of the day ends with a total of 132 entries, top 13 players gets $250 and advance to Day2.

Currently at level 7 90 players remain.

Event7 Day1B Flight1

First flight of the day has come to a conclusion with 16 players advancing to Day2 and Ken Boulton is the new overall chip leader heading into Day2 with 438,800.

Ken Boulton 

Mike Nia also advanced from this flight with 262,900

Event 7 Day1A return list

Following 36 players from Day1A will return to Day2 of Event 7


Event7 Day1B

We have two $75,000 Guaranteed Day1 flights on the schedule today.

First flight ends with 155 entries, Top 16 players will get $250 today and advance to Day2, currently at level 14 30 players remain in the field.

Second flight currently have 100 entries with registration open for another 1hr 20min.


Summer Poker Series Event 7 $75,000 Guaranteed Day1A has concluded with a total of 36 players advancing to Day2.

Carlos Pujol holds the chip lead with 385,00 from flight 1 and is the current overall chip leader heading into Day2.

Check back tomorrow for a complete list of players that has so far advanced to Day2. 

There will be 2 more Day1 starting starting flights tomorrow at 12pm & 5:30pm. 

$150 Buy-In top 10% gets $250 at the end of the flight and advance to Day2.