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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Event 13 Day1B Flight2

Second flight of the day ends with a total of 239 entries, top 24 players advance to Day2.

Currently at level 11, 65 players remain in the field.

With 4 flights to go the prize pool has almost reach the guarantee of $100,000 as current prize pool is about $95,000.

Don't miss out on the action and find your way down to The Bike and take a shot in the event.
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Event 12 Results


Event 11 Results


Event 13 Day1B Flight 1

First flight of the day is over with 25 players advancing to Day2.

Among the 25 to advance are,

- Said Harrak 312,800
- Florentino Montero 174,300
- Mounir Srour 75,800

Said Harrack 

Florentino Montero 

Mounir Srour

Complete return list will be posted tomorrow

Event 13 Day1B Flight1

First flight of the day in Event 13 $100,000 Guaranteed ends with a total of 247 entries, top 25 players advance to Day2.

We are currently down to final 31 players.

Event 13 Day1A Return list

31 players advanced from Day1A in Event 13 $100,000 Guaranteed.
Erich Karle, holds the current chip lead with 450,200.


Event 13 Day1A

We are now down to final 15 players in Day1A Flight 2 and wrap it up for today as the remaining players bag and tag and return for Day2.

Ricky Lee ends this flight as chip leader with 347,400, Erich Karle from the noon flight is the current overall chip leader with 450,200.

Ricky Lee

Hovik Keshishyan also advance from this flight with 115,700

Hovik Keshishyan

There will be two new flights played tomorrow starting at 12pm and 5:30pm, registration is open 3 hours after start time for both flights.

Come down and get into the action.