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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Event13 Day1C Flight2

Second and last flight of the day in Event13 ends with 170 players, top 17 advance to Day2.

Currently at level 8 119 players remain in the field.

Event 13 Day1C Flight1

First flight of the day is in the books with 22 players advancing to Day2.

Among the players to advance from this flight are,

- Super Mario Esquerra who also wins best dressed today ends the flight with 252,200
- Sean Yu brings a stack of 267,600 to Day2

Super Mario Esquerra 

Sean Yu 

Event 13 Day1C

Summer Poker Series Event 13 Day1C Flight 1 ends with a total of 222 entries, top 22 advance to Day2.

Second Day1 flight today starts at 5:30pm with registration open until 8:30pm.

Top 10 Point Leaders


Event 13 Day1AB Return list


Event 13 Day1B Flight2

We are down to final 24 players in Event13 $100,000 Guaranteed Day1B Flight2 and that means the remaining players gets $250, bag, tag and return for Day2 on Tuesday.

None of the survivors from today's 2 flight were able to catch up with Erich Karle who remain the current chip leader heading into Day2.

Among the 24 players to advance from this flight are,

- Rene Peza who took down Event6 earlier this Summer Series, he brings 85,300 with him to Day2

- Jesus Jimenez 366,200
- Mark Hamilton 37,700

Jesus Jimenez

Mark Hamilton

Rene Peza