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Friday, June 24, 2016

Event 18 Day1HF2

Second flight of the day has concluded with 9 players advancing to Day2.

Among the players to advance are Jeff Kirby with 682,000 chips which brings him 8,000 short of the current overall chip leader heading into Day2

Jeff Kirby

Last and final flight is currently down to 70 players, we're playing down to final 12 before we bag and tag.

Event 18 Day1H

We have 3 Event18 Day1 flights running here at the Bike today.

First flight ends with 115 entries, top 12 in the money and top 8 players advance to Day2, we are currently down to final 9 players and after one more elimination the remaining players will bag tag and return for Day2.

Second flight of the day ends with 91 entries, top 9 advance to Day2, currently at level 13, we're down to 23 players.

Third flight is in full swing with registration open for another 10 minutes, so far the flight have 168 entries.

Event 18 Day1A-G Return list


Top 10 point leaders as of 06/23/16


Event 18 Day1G

Last flight of the day has concluded with top 15 players advancing to Day2.

Boris Goldstein winner of Mega Million XIII advance with 593,500.

Artak Babayan double qualify with 124,500
Gordon Garcia advance with 242,500

Boris Goldstein 

Artak Babayan 

Gordon Garcia 

There will be three new flights tomorrow, check out the schedule here