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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Event 18 Day2

Both starting flights has now combined and play has resumed.

Currently 289 players left in the field.

Event 18 Prize Pool

Event 18 ends with a total prize pool of $733,329, with top 135 players in the money with min cash of $435 and $113,834 for 1st place.


Event 18 Day2

Second session is on level 2 out of 3 before we combine both fields, below are some of the players from second session.

Anthony Morales 

Jose DePaz Oscal

Oscar Zavala

Sean Yu 

William Vo 

Event18 Day2

First Day2 session has concluded and the remaining players are on a 2 hours break and second session is about to kick off, both Day2 flights will combine at approximately 9:45pm

Here's a couple shots from the first session.

Anthony Pitesa 

Boris Goldstein 


Estrella baltazar 

Hector Alvarez 

Jose Mendoza 

Will Brownlee 

William Hung 

Event 18 Day2

We are about to kick off Day2 in Summer Poker Series Event18 $400,000 Guaranteed.
Stay tuned for updates during the day.

Event 18 Day2 Return list


Event 18 Day2 start time and alternates

Due to a huge amount of entries and limited space in our tournament area and in order to accommodate all Day2 players we have now two different Day2 starting times.

- All players who advanced/qualified for Day2 Friday 6/17-Saturday 6/25 will start 1 hour late at 5:00pm (cards in the air 5:20pm)

- All players who advanced/qualified or double qualified for Day2 with higher chip stack on Sunday     6/26 and Monday 6/27 will start at approximately 7:40pm

- Day2 Direct buy-in, REGISTRATION CLOSES @ 5PM
first 64 players will be seated in the first session 5:00pm (cards in the air 5:20pm) additional players will play 7:40pm session.

All players that start 5:00pm will be playing 3 levels (2 hours of play) then have a 2 hours break ($10 food voucher will be issued)

All players that start 7:20pm will be playing 3 levels (2 hours of play) then have 15 minutes break

All players will combine at approximately 9:40pm and play until the conclusion of Day2 at approximately 2:40am

Day3 is Wednesday at 1:00pm.

Event18 Day1KF3

Final Day1 flight in Event 18 $400,000 Guaranteed has concluded with 21 players advanced to Day2.

Among the players to advance are Jack Maleeh who takes over the overall chip lead heading into Day2 on the final flight with 738,000

Jack Maleeh 

Other players that made it to Day2 from this flight are

- William Vo 164,000
- Gloria Zubair 345,000 double qualifier
- Florentino Montero 133,500

William Vo 

Gloria Zubair 

Florentino Montero 

Day2 starts tomorrow - see previous post for the different starting times.