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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Event 18 Day 3

Congrats to Minh Nguyen, winner of Summer Poker Series Event 18 $400,000 Guaranteed for 1st place of $113,834*

Erich Karle is the runner up for 2nd place of $63,260*

Erich Karle 

Final 2 players made an agreement as follow,
1st place $99,204/ 2nd place $77,890

Ben chung has been eliminated in 3rd place for $42,460

Ben Chung 

Gil Arava has been eliminated in 4th place for $31,485

Gil Arava

- Oscar Zavala has been eliminated in 5th place for $23,845
- Girlbert Acuna has been eliminated in 6th place for $18,415

Oscar Zavala 

Gilbert Acuna 

Event 18 Day3

We are down to final 6 players as

- Srabian Kevork has been eliminated in 7th place for $14,455
- Simityan Pogos has been eliminated in 8th place for $11,335

Srabian Kevork

rabian Kevork

Event 18 Day3

We are quickly down to 8 players in Event 18.

- Huy Nguyen has been eliminated in 9th place for $8,690
- Victor Kruglov 10th place for $6,330

Erich Karle is the current chip leader with 8 players left 

Huy Nguyen 

Victor Kruglov 

Event 18 Day3

With 15 players left in Event 18 the players have locked up $5,330.

Among the players left in the field are,

Ben Chung 

Huy Nguyen 

Oscar Zavala - 9,100,000 

Jose Mendoza has been eliminated in 15th place for $5,340

Thi Troung eliminated in 19th place for $4,150

Event 18 Day3

We are down to final 21 players in Event 18, remaining players have locked up min cash of $4,150 with $113,834 up top.

Final Top 10 point leaders


Event 18 Day3

Day3 in Event 18 resume at 1:00pm with 89 players remaining, Chester Burnett is the current chip leader heading into Day3 with 2,500,000


Event 18 Day2

Event 18 Day2 has concluded after 10 levels of play, remaining 91 players bag and tag and will resume play at 1:00pm tomorrow.

We restart at level 11 with blinds 5,000/15,000/30,000 with average stack of 951,648.

Among the players to survive Day2 are,

Anthony Morales - 350,000 

Ben Chung - 2,285,000 

Oscar Zavala - 1,714,000 

Will Brownlee - 780,000 

Event 18 in the money

With 135 players remaining in Event 18 we are now in the money and remaining players have locked up $435 with $113,934 up top. 

We will play a total of 10 levels today and the remaining players will resume tomorrow at 1:00pm