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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

CPPT Event 11

CPPT Event 11 No Limit Hold'Em $30,000 guaranteed ends with a total of 247 entries. 

Top 27 players in the money with min cash of $235, with $8,565 for 1st place. 

Currently at level 21, 30 players remain in the field. 

Main Event

Congrats to Koveh Waysei winner of Card Player Poker Tour Main Event for 1st place of $57,001*

Koveh Waysei

William Robinson is the runner up in the event for $30,400*

- 3rd place Ted Jivkov $17,164*
- 4th place Shaun Abkarian $14,300
- 5th place John Hulett $12,000

William Robinson 

Ted Jivkov 

Shaun Abkarian 

Final 3 players made an agreement as follows,
1st place $45,000/ 2nd place $33,295/ 3rd place $26,270

Main Event

Down to final 5 players in the Main Event as we have had the following eliminations

- 6th place Jesus Jimenez $10,000
- 7th place Mark Hamilton $8,200
- 8th place Behrooz Shishegar $6,700
- 9th place Ahmad Asad 9th place $5,400

Jesus Jimenez

Mark Hamilton 

Behrooz Shishegar

Ahmad Asad

CPPT Main Event

We are down to final 9 players and 1 floor man (David) in the Main Event.

CPPT Main Event

We have a unofficial final table in Card Player Poker Tour Main Event with 

- Jesus Jimenez 
- Mark Hamilton 
- Ahmad Asad 

Among the final 10 players 
Remaining players have locked up a min cash of $4,500 with $57,001 for 1st place. 

Main Event Day3

We are down to final 15 players in Main Event Day3.

Remaining players have locked up a min cash of $3,630

CPPT Event 11

Card Player Poker Tour's last Event for this series is underway - $30,000 Guaranteed No Limit Hold'Em Single Re-Entry.

Registration is open another 30 minutes with currently 216 entries.

Main Event Day3 Return list

20 players return to Day3 of Card Player Poker Tour Main Event, John Simoniah holds the chip lead with 4,375,000.

Play resume at 1:00pm, complete return list below


Event 10 results


Event 9 results


CPPT Event 9/10

Event 9 

The Omaha tournament is down to final 9 players with Leslie Sarmiento who took down both E.O and H.O.R.S.E Event in Summer Poker still in.

Event 10

The Survivor event is down to final 9 players top 5 players will get $3,000 each and 6th place gets $900.

Main Event Day2

Main Event Day2 has just concluded with 20 players remaining, the players that bag and tag will resume play tomorrow at 1:00pm.

Play resume at Level 16, 500/2,000/4,000 with average chip stack of 1,436,190. 

John Simoniah is the current chip leader heading in to Day3 with 4,375,000. 

John Simoniah

Other notable players still in and heading to Day3 are, 

Jesus Jimenez 2,350,000 

Ahmad Asad - 785,000 

Mark Hamilton - 1,385,000 

William Vo - 1,875,000 

All players still in have locked up a min cash of $2,380. 

Stay tuned for more updates.